Career Nannies

When you think of babysitters you probably think of high school age kids working part-time to earn some extra money. Maybe you think of the girl down the street who’s grown up before your eyes and is now watching your own kids. What you probably don’t think of is someone who is making a career out of watching kids – and I don’t mean teachers – I mean career nannies.

In a recent LA Times article the idea of the career nanny was explored, focusing on Maile Yoshida, a college graduate holding a degree in Communications who is earning her living – her “salary” if you will – from being a nanny. Charging $20-30 based on various factors, Yoshida makes her living from watching other people’s children… and she’s not just doing it to hold her over until she finds a career.

“This is my means of income,” she said. “This is what I do for my career.”

That’s where sites such as ENannySource and SitterCity come into play – they allow parents to connect with nannies based on a variety of different requirements and needs- from locations to price range to experience and more – all depending on what the parents are looking for in the person who will be watching their children.

The shift in the babysitting/nanny demographic has likely been spurred by a variety of different factors, such as teenagers coming across as increasingly immature in an age focused on social media and staying connected to their friends, or just wanting someone who’s had more life experience.

Whatever the reason, though, the career nanny movement is only gaining momentum and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Do You and Your Children Deserve a Nanny?

It might seem like an odd thing to think about, but do your children deserve the best care?

Do you deserve to be the best parent possible?

The answer to both those questions is, of course, is a resounding YES!

So why not get a nanny? Nannies offer the best personalized care for your child. Much better than setting them down in a crowd of kids at a day care, nannies care for children in their own homes, ensuring a comfortable, nurturing environment. And nannies do so much more than just watch the kids. A good nanny can help them learn, do the day-to-day drudgery that wearies many a working parent, and make sure the kids get to and from activities safely.

For the parents, a nanny can be a huge stress reliever. Imagine having time to spend with your children having fun and enjoying them instead of worrying about homework or dirty clothes. Taking time for yourself isn’t a crime. Kids enjoy being with relaxed, happy parents much more than stressed, angry ones. Do yourself and them a favor and get someone to take some of the pressure off.

You don’t have to be Superman. You don’t have to do everything. You and your kids deserve the best, so give some serious thought to finding the perfect nanny for your home.

Making Nana the Nanny

Having a grandparent watch the kids brings about mixed reviews. One the one hand, there is a level of trust between parents and grandparents that is pre-established versus the trust between parents and a hired nanny that is built as the relationship grows. On the other hand, though, grandparents usually have different and possibly outdated techniques when it comes to raising children and are not as willing to change their parenting style to mimic the parents’ ways.

For the Fedderson’s, who were interviewed recently by the Washington Post, helping raise their grandchildren has flowed smoothly largely because they are willing to step up to the plate when they’re in charge and step back when their daughter and son-in-law are home from work.

“When I’m watching her, they pretty much understand that what I say goes,” Feddersen says. “But when they’re home, I totally back off.”

It’s when you don’t have that balance that things get complicated, with each person imposing their own rules and devaluing the others’ parenting/nannying tactics. 

As long as a high level of respect for the parents’ wishes in regards to how they want their children to be raised stays of the utmost importance, having a grandparent watch the kids is one of the most ideal situations: you save money, your kids have a closer relationship with their grandparents, and you don’t have to worry about background checks and criminal records.

Women Need Nannies, Not Company Cars

A recent article quoted Australian publishing queen Ita Buttrose as saying,

“I am a great believer in packages that include some support for the mother, whether it is a nanny or a housekeeper or whatever,” she said, “You might not get the shares, or you might not get the car, but you balance one out against the other. Of course companies can do it. Women who want to continue their careers and have families should ask for that package from their employer and the workplace needs to think about how they are going to offer it.”

Should companies have an alternative plan for working mothers? Sure! Why not? Why shouldn’t they offer a discount or payment for nanny services instead of a company car or shares? In the long run, this would benefit both the company and the working mom.

“Having a nanny made my life infinitely easier and certainly having someone in my home caring for my son was much better than me dropping him into day care,” she said, “It means there is always someone with the child and if the child is sick and there’s an important meeting, you can still get there. If you occasionally have to work back late your child is not going to starve. You are in charge of the routine then and you know what you are doing with your baby, whereas when you drop your baby into day care it is a different routine.”

If companies want more women on the boardroom (as they should) then they need to get on the ball. Offering care packages and services like that would help working moms to climb the carrier ladder while still providing quality care for their children.