5 Reasons to Consider a Nanny Manager Position

One of the things that nannies dread most when they assume a post with a new family is “job creep,” the tendency of even well-meaning employers to gradually add more and more tasks to a nanny’s duties, some of which aren’t related to the care of their charges. This is considered a major no-no by nannies and nanny agencies alike, who claim that household chores fall under the duties of a household manager. Need for both a nanny and a household manager has given rise to the position of nanny manager, one that combines the elements of both careers into one. There are many reasons why a veteran nanny might want to consider making the leap to nanny manager; here are five of them.

  1. Increased Salary – Adding to your tasks and responsibilities also means a raise in pay, which is welcome in any economy but can be a lifesaver in a struggling economic climate. The vast majority of employers understand that the increased demand and drain on a nanny manager’s energy requires that they are compensated accordingly; by completing household chores and preparing meals for the family, you could boost your annual salary considerably.
  2. Retaining a Post – In some cases, agreeing to take on additional responsibilities may be the only way to retain a post, as families are forced to cut expenses in any way they can. If your current employer eliminates a household manager’s position, you may be able to absorb the responsibilities she left behind for what amounts to a considerable pay raise on your part, but is still less than her annual salary. You’ll be earning more while your employers are paying less, making everyone happy.
  3. Your Prospective Charges Are School Age – Considering a position in which all of the children are of school age makes it a bit easier for a nanny to transition into a nanny manager. With the bulk of the day during the school year free to catch up on laundry, tidying up and meal planning and preparation, there’s very little added stress and the potential for a considerable boost in income.
  4. You’re Ready For a More Challenging Position – Whether you work in childcare or as an astrophysicist, there comes a time in everyone’s life when a more challenging, engaging position is appealing. If you’ve become a seasoned veteran in the trenches of nanny-dom, feeling as if you’re going through each day on autopilot, adding responsibilities and tasks to your to-do list might be just what you need to feel invigorated and challenged anew.
  5. Boosting Your Resume, Employability and Future Earning Power – No post lasts forever. Children grow up, and the nannies who care for them are forced to find work with a new family. Being able to add a glowing reference under the title of “Nanny Manager” on your resume sets you apart from other candidates without your level of experience, enabling you to find new posts more easily and command a higher salary.

Nannies with culinary backgrounds or experience working in other domestic positions are especially encouraged to consider making the move into nanny management, as they are already equipped with a considerable related skill-set.

10 Reasons to Use Nannies for On-call Daycare

Securing on-call daycare can be a last-minute, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants sort of situation. In most cases, a last minute emergency or unforeseen circumstance creates the necessity for immediate childcare, which can be a nightmare for parents to secure while simultaneously dealing with an unexpected event. What many parents don’t know is that the vast majority of nanny agencies offer on-call services in addition to their full-time placement services. Here are ten reasons why taking advantage of these services pays off in the long run.

  1. You Work Sporadic, Part-Time Hours – Sporadic, part-time work can make it difficult to schedule regular childcare; having an existing relationship with a nanny agency that offers on-call services makes it easy to arrange childcare at the last minute.
  2. To Keep Kids in a Familiar Setting – When parents are forced to leave the house in a rush due to a work or personal emergency, the hectic atmosphere can be stressful enough. Being forced to abruptly leave home and go to a crowded daycare center or unfamiliar caregiver’s home compounds that anxiety; with an on-call nanny, kids can stay in their own homes where they feel secure.
  3. Avoiding Flat Weekly or Monthly Daycare Fees – Paying a weekly or monthly fee for daycare that you don’t use on a daily basis is an enormous waste of money; instead of incurring that expense simply to have a childcare option available for the occasions when you do need it, consider making arrangements with an on-call nanny service, which will only charge you when you utilize their services.
  4. Keeping Kids Healthy – Daycare centers are a hotbed of communicable childhood illness, and when kids get sick, they spread those illnesses to their parents. In the interest of keeping your children and yourself healthy, looking into a nanny agency for your last-minute childcare needs might be wise.
  5. Establishing a Relationship With an Agency – An established relationship with a nanny agency that handles on-call childcare makes it easy to arrange last-minute childcare. Rather than waiting until the need arises, it’s best to contact an agency to make arrangements before you anticipate a need for their services.
  6. Background Checks and Full Screening – Making sure that your childcare provider has no criminal history or a questionable background is imperative, but when time is of the essence, it may fall to the wayside. Nanny agencies carefully screen every applicant, so you can be sure that the nanny sent to your home has a clean history and a clear background.
  7. Sick Child Care – When childcare emergencies arise and a child is sick, finding care can be almost impossible. Daycare centers will not accept a child running a fever, but most nanny agencies that offer on-call services also have sick child care services available, making it easy for parents to attend to their business while an under-the-weather child is receiving top-notch care.
  8. You Don’t Have Family Nearby – Families are more spread out than they used to be, making it difficult for parents in a childcare bind to call on family for help. Parents that are in this particular situation may find that making arrangements with a nanny agency for occasional childcare is their best option.
  9. Your Child Has Special Needs – Children with special needs may not be able to tolerate the loud noises and frenetic pace of a daycare center, especially if they only go occasionally and have not had the chance to become acclimated. Having a professional nanny on speed dial for emergencies can keep your special needs child out of daycare and maintain the routine that is so essential to symptom management.
  10. Potential For Transition to Full-Time – Parents who only have a need for temporary or on-call childcare providers currently, but know that there is the chance of a full-time need arising can find the ideal nanny through their on-call adventures. Letting an agency know that you have a fondness for a particular nanny and are interested in engaging her full-time can eliminate the entire interview and matching process, setting your family and your new nanny up for success.

Nanny agencies that offer on-call services aren’t just for emergencies; they can also provide childcare for those nights out on the town. Rather than hiring an inexperienced teenager to mind the children, an established relationship with a nanny agency will allow you to hire a professional nanny for the evening. For last-minute errands or even a peaceful trip to the market with no children in tow, a nanny might a better fit for your family than public daycare.