10 Things Doctors Won’t Tell You Before Surgery

The lead-up to a surgical procedure is usually dominated by an exchange of information between you and your surgeon. There can be so many details and so much to keep up with that you may not even realize how many potentially important ones are either being lost in the shuffle or actively swept under the rug. Before you go under the knife, these are 10 of the things that you might want to make a point of asking your surgeon about.

  1. Their Board Certification Status – It usually doesn’t occur to a patient to ask if the person who will be performing their surgery is Board Certified, but the truth is that many are not. A surgeon probably won’t disclose that information without first being asked, either.
  2. Their Complication Rate – A surgeon who won’t disclose a complication rate or claims not to have one is probably so inexperienced that he hasn’t had time to encounter complications or is actively hiding something from you. According the Chief of Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery at Florida Hospital Celebration Health, “no one is immune to complications.”
  3. That There’s A More Conservative, Non-Surgical Method Of Managing Your Condition – In some cases, surgery may actually be the only viable method of treating what’s ailing you. Most of the time, though, there is a more conservative course of treatment that doesn’t include a surgical procedure. Your surgeon, however, is paid roughly 10 times more to perform the surgical procedure than to help you manage it in another, less intrusive way.
  4. That A Resident Might Perform The Procedure – Before surgeons become surgeons, they’re residents. Because they have to learn the intricacies of operating through hands-on experience, part or all of your procedure may be handled by a resident with the supervision of an attending physician. If you’re having surgery at a teaching hospital, it’s a good idea to ask your surgeon if he will be overseeing the procedure in its entirety. Before you panic, however, you should also keep in mind that some medical professionals recommend teaching hospitals as the best places to receive cutting-edge, up-to-the-minute care.
  5. That You Can Access Your Operative Report – You may be out cold during the procedure, but there is a way to find out what happened in the operating room if you suspect that something went wrong. The operative notes dictated by the surgeon are a record of the procedure, and you can ask to see the report.
  6. That Your Weight Can Make Their Job More Difficult – Weight is a sensitive subject for many people, especially those who are packing on more than a few extra pounds. Your surgeon knows this, but he may not let on just how much more difficult caring for an obese patient is. Obese patients are more likely to contract post-operative infections, present a challenge in the placement of central venous catheters and can even be difficult to start an IV in because the veins aren’t always visible.
  7. How Much Your Non-Compliance Stresses Them Out – Performing surgical procedures is a career fraught with sources of stress and anxiety, but one of the most difficult ones for many surgeons to manage is the knowledge that her patients may or may not bother to comply with post-operative instructions.
  8. They May Be Making More From Your Procedure Than You Realize – You know that your surgeon will be walking away from the table with a pretty penny in his pocket from your insurance company, but you may not realize that he’s making even more from medical device manufacturers through quasi-legal kickbacks.
  9. That They’re Exhausted – Rare is the surgeon who will volunteer the information that he’s exhausted and that he may not be quite alert enough to be in top form in the operating room. A surgeon who was on call the night before almost certainly won’t tell you that he didn’t get enough sleep, even if that is the case.
  10. Your Procedure May Not Be As Urgent As You Think – Because of the off chance that you could have an unexpectedly sudden reaction as a result of a condition or injury could lead to intense questioning or even allegations of malpractice, most surgeons want to get your procedure completed as soon as possible. While it’s not a good idea to drag your feet after arming yourself with this knowledge, you can use it to ease any anxiety you may feel about the urgency of your condition.

While knowing these things can make surgery seem like an even scarier business, it’s important to understand that taking serious medical decisions into your own hands and refusing the advice of professionals is highly unadvised. There’s nothing wrong with asking for a second or even third opinion, looking for the best surgeon in your area and being actively involved with the process. It is, however, a very bad idea to forgo treatment altogether out of concerns about what your surgeon may not be telling you.

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12 Inspiring Nanny Stories of 2012

By the end of 2012, the nanny news story that had received the most media exposure was the tragic tale of the Krim children, who were stabbed by their nanny before she turned the knife on herself. Parents around the nation mourned alongside the Krim family, and counted their blessings not to be in their shoes. There were, however, far more stories of courage and inspiration to be found that didn’t receive the same sensational attention of this grisly tale. These 12 nannies were among those to be celebrated, even if their stories didn’t receive national coverage.

  1. Emily Rogers – When Emily Rogers learned CPR in order to take a nanny job, she likely never realized that the skills she attained in order to ensure the safety of her charges would one day save a life. Jorge Pedroso was turning blue when Rogers and a bystander, Rebekah Tucker, began the CPR that helped him to survive.
  2. Kaitlyn McGrath – Chris Powell may be the celebrity trainer of Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition, but the courage of his nanny Kaitlyn McGrath saved his one-year-old son from a carjacker. McGrath escaped her work vehicle with little Cash before anyone was injured.
  3. Susane Lavinia Bowden – Great nannies become more like members of the family than employees, a fact that’s proven by the tale of Susane Lavinia Bowden. For 40 years she served as a live-in nanny and housekeeper to the Hoare family; now, as she celebrates her 100th birthday, her years of service and dedication are being rewarded as her employers care for her.
  4. Michael Kenny – Norland College is a renowned British institution for the training of nannies, and was established more than a century ago. Over the decades, Norland has exclusively trained women. Michael Kenny, the first male to be admitted to the school, set a new precedent for breaking down traditional gender roles.
  5. Nikki Gribble – Each year, the International Nanny Association chooses one nanny to receive the honor of Nanny of the Year. This year’s recipient, Nikki Gribble, was nominated by her employers for her dedication and excellent professional performance.
  6. Cindy Gatson – When a stolen Jeep careened towards Cindy Gatson and her four-year-old charge, she risked her own life to save him. Gatson was clipped by the Jeep’s bumper and was forced to use crutches until she recovered, but her charge escaped the situation unscathed.
  7. Vivian Maier – Chicago nanny Vivian Maier might not have received any attention from the media during her 40 years on the job, but she became something of an enigmatic figure of interest after a book full of her photographs was posthumously published.
  8. Alexis Barry – She may not be an inspiring figure for nanny employers, but Alexis Barry’s courage in standing up to her A-list employer Robert DeNiro demanding fair payment for more than $40,000 in withheld overtime pay definitely makes her a hero to nannies struggling with job creep and unfair pay.
  9. Alyson Myatt – When the Kentucky home of single parent J.B. Hawes caught fire while he was away on business, his 22-year-old nanny rushed barefoot through soaring flames to save her five-year-old charge Aden. While Myatt suffered serious burns, Aden escaped unharmed. Local authorities assert that any hesitation on Myatt’s part would have resulted in Aden’s death.
  10. Nosrat Dezfoulian – When a metal roll-down gate collapsed in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn onto Nosrat Dezfoulian and the toddler she was caring for, she shielded him with her body to the best of her ability. Her head was split open and bleeding profusely, but her charge escaped with only a broken leg due to her quick thinking.
  11. Jennifer Anton – The driver of a Chicago Streets and Sanitation truck was clutching an open bottle of brandy and had a blood-alcohol level of more than twice the legal limit when he sped towards Jennifer Anton and her 20 month old charge Tyler. Tyler sustained no serious injuries, but Anton’s legs and pelvis were shattered.
  12. Sandra Samuel – The terrorist attack on Chabad House Jewish Community Center in Mumbai left only two survivors, two-year-old Moshe and his nanny Sandra Samuels. Samuels carried Moshe to safety after rescuing him from between the bodies of his parents, risking her own life in the process.

These 12 nannies showed themselves to be truly outstanding members of not only the professional childcare community, but also the world as a whole. In some way or another, they all showed great courage and strength, proving that great nannies far outnumber dangerous ones.