Women Need Nannies, Not Company Cars

A recent article quoted Australian publishing queen Ita Buttrose as saying,

“I am a great believer in packages that include some support for the mother, whether it is a nanny or a housekeeper or whatever,” she said, “You might not get the shares, or you might not get the car, but you balance one out against the other. Of course companies can do it. Women who want to continue their careers and have families should ask for that package from their employer and the workplace needs to think about how they are going to offer it.”

Should companies have an alternative plan for working mothers? Sure! Why not? Why shouldn’t they offer a discount or payment for nanny services instead of a company car or shares? In the long run, this would benefit both the company and the working mom.

“Having a nanny made my life infinitely easier and certainly having someone in my home caring for my son was much better than me dropping him into day care,” she said, “It means there is always someone with the child and if the child is sick and there’s an important meeting, you can still get there. If you occasionally have to work back late your child is not going to starve. You are in charge of the routine then and you know what you are doing with your baby, whereas when you drop your baby into day care it is a different routine.”

If companies want more women on the boardroom (as they should) then they need to get on the ball. Offering care packages and services like that would help working moms to climb the carrier ladder while still providing quality care for their children.