Career Nannies

When you think of babysitters you probably think of high school age kids working part-time to earn some extra money. Maybe you think of the girl down the street who’s grown up before your eyes and is now watching your own kids. What you probably don’t think of is someone who is making a career out of watching kids – and I don’t mean teachers – I mean career nannies.

In a recent LA Times article the idea of the career nanny was explored, focusing on Maile Yoshida, a college graduate holding a degree in Communications who is earning her living – her “salary” if you will – from being a nanny. Charging $20-30 based on various factors, Yoshida makes her living from watching other people’s children… and she’s not just doing it to hold her over until she finds a career.

“This is my means of income,” she said. “This is what I do for my career.”

That’s where sites such as ENannySource and SitterCity come into play – they allow parents to connect with nannies based on a variety of different requirements and needs- from locations to price range to experience and more – all depending on what the parents are looking for in the person who will be watching their children.

The shift in the babysitting/nanny demographic has likely been spurred by a variety of different factors, such as teenagers coming across as increasingly immature in an age focused on social media and staying connected to their friends, or just wanting someone who’s had more life experience.

Whatever the reason, though, the career nanny movement is only gaining momentum and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.